Western Kentucky

Homes with Barns

Imagine a sunny day well-spent riding horses in the Western Kentucky backcountry—and when you hear the dinner bell ring (if you're as old-fashioned as we are), you can simply put the horses in a barn in your own backyard. If you live around here, then you know how many days are spent exploring the great outdoors—so there's nothing more convenient than having your own barn to use. 

Take a moment to browse our latest barn listings in Western Kentucky, and just let us know which ones grab your attention. We'd be happy to schedule an in-person showing, or you can always contact us for more details on a property.  

Why Buy a Home With a Barn?

Unbeatable Convenience

While many of our barn properties do come with horse accommodations, some are used more as multi-purpose buildings. There are countless ways to take advantage of owning a barn, including the convenience of additional space for storage, hosting social gatherings, and much more!

Increased Home Value

Homes with acreage tend to have higher resale values—but when you add a barn to the back of a property, the resale value really rises. And depending on the improvements you're willing to make to your barn space, you could even market it as a guest house or in-law suite. 

Perfect for Exploring

Have some horses that you've been wanting to keep close to home? Or maybe a four wheeler or golf cart that you want to keep covered? A barn can easily double as a storage shed, or simply a place where you can put your adventure gear—including your fishing poles for the nearby ponds, of course! 

How to Maximize Your Barn’s Potential

The opportunities are truly boundless when you own a barn—here's a few ways you can transform your barn to become the space of your wildest dreams! 

Additional storage 

Like we've mentioned, a barn in the backyard is the perfect place to store extra items, especially the things that you simply don't have space for in your home. If your barn is big enough, it could serve as a garage for your car or lawn mower. Plus, any equipment that you primarily use outside can be easily accessed when it's stored in your barn, such as gardening tools and landscaping supplies. 

Home office 

Nowadays, many people are spending more time at home, with some even working remotely full time. One option is to have a traditional office inside your home, and the other (perhaps more fun) option is to have a renovated barn home office with wide-open views of the Western Kentucky countryside. Having your office in a barn still allows you to work from home, just with the added bonus of getting out of your everyday space. 

Horse barn

Perhaps the most traditional use of a barn, boarding horses in your own backyard takes convenience to the next level. People who don't own barns often have to pay to board their horses elsewhere. So not only are you saving money with a barn, but you're also able to keep a closer eye on your four-legged friends when they live on your property. And if you happen to have neighbors who have horses, you could even rent out your stables for some extra cash! 

Find Your New Niche  

If you're a Western Kentucky local, then you know the luxuries that buying a home with a barn would bring. Whether you're looking for a quintessential country estate or a more modest rural cabin, you can always count on Housman Partners Land & Farm to find your perfect fit. Just drop us a line at 270-853-1602, and we'll get started on securing a countryside retreat for you!